Sunday, July 31, 2011

Group Showtime

Beautiful Volcanoes is an upcoming group show i'm in at Monash University, Caulfield in the Faculty of Art and Design, curated by Dr. Michael Vale. If you're in Melbourne, come along!

03 August / 03 September

Beautiful Volcanoes

Poetic Regurgitations of History, Literature & Popular Culture

Curated by Dr. Michael Vale
Kieran BOLAND / Michael BULLOCK / Brian CATLING & David TOLLEY / Laura DELANEY / Storm GOLD / Kelley GLAISTER / Iolanthe IEZZI / Andrew KERSHAW  / Melinda MORNA / Steven RENDALL / Alicia RENEW / SAFARI TEAM / Amelie SCALERCIO / Penny TROTTER / Michael VALE / Kent WILSON / Paul YORE /
"This exhibition champions irrational and absurdist practices from contemporary artists associated with the Faculty of Art & Design. Using an eclectic collection of media and thematic orientations, all presented through a filter of humour and disorientation, Beautiful Volcanoes showcases reckless raids of history, popular culture and literature in order to enact poetic regurgitations. Traditionally, classical art has presented the world in a utopian condition, ignoring the swirling undercurrents of the weird and uncanny that continue to erupt from era to era. A Romantic embrace of the absurd demands an unruliness of design and visual raucousness that is often at odds with the tasteful. The artists in this exhibition represent many approaches – among them the theatre of wilful stupidity, snapshots of parallel universes, and history up-ended.
Despite their geo-physical anarchy volcanoes also bring renewal … not to mention spectacular displays of strange and scorching beauty …"

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