Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funeral Songs and Flat Tyres

Well, why not start at the end?
A week late. A life in reverse. Pushing time forward so it can go back. The order of things. Backwards. A blog as a nice linear structure where perhaps my disorder will move towards order and vice versa. But for now, and a week ago I'm waiting in the pouring rain for my flat tyre to be changed and thinking about my Dad's friend who died and had his funeral today.
From time to time, i think about songs i'd like played at my funeral. It is a hard task. There are some songs that come and then go from this list but i have a few that i know will definitely be there when i've died, vibrating against my little wooden box. This, of course can only happen providing i have a dedicated family member that will read this blog, remember to refer to it when necessary and make sure they're played. A selected few of the staple diet of Amelie's funeral songs below (if i put them all down i'd never leave this earth...and my funeral guests would never leave my funeral):

John Lennon

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs


Brian Eno

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  1. I always think about what songs I'd like played at my funeral, and how I'd let people know of my wishes - is that in the will? I'll do yours and you do mine?

    I haven't got a good list yet but have been toying with:

    The End - The Doors
    I'm Going Home - Rocky Horror Picture Show
    La Mer - Nine Inch Nails